Civil Society Innovation Award Winners Announced (DFAT-sponsored Civil Society Innovation Award 2016)


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Re: Civil Society Innovation Award Winners Announced

This is the link to the publication for the award winner: (download .pdf also see attachment)

It seems like a simple/effective but easily overlooked intervention, so I guess it is good this was highlighted by the award.

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Civil Society Innovation Award Winners Announced (DFAT-sponsored Civil Society Innovation Award 2016)

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the inaugural DFAT-sponsored Civil Society Innovation Award 2016, which was announced at the WASH Futures Conference Dinner 2016. The award was presented by the Civil Society WASH Fund.

First place went to Save the Children – Nudging handwashing among primary school students in Bangladesh. Kamal Hossain from Save the Children Bangladesh was excited to receive the award in person from Anne Joselin, DFAT. Save the Children’s innovation to improve hand-washing in schools uses environmental cues and nudges. handwashing.pngIt is more cost effective than hygiene communication programs and has shown positive results in changing and sustaining behaviour change amongst school children.
Watch the winning video here

Second place was awarded to Water for People! in Uganda for their submission, Low cost solutions for Faecal Sludge Management. Water for People! have shown their work innovating at many stages of the sanitation chain, from low cost modular toilet design, pit emptying and faecal sludge treatment and reuse. Their holistic approach to sanitation and faecal sludge management (FSM) are impacting many peoples’ lives, particularly in the slums of Kampala.
Watch the video here.

Third runner up was Wetlands Work! Cambodia for the HandyPod – Sanitation solutions for floating communities in Cambodia. The Handy Pod is a floating toilet design suitable for the communities of the Tonle Sap lake area and uses wetlands treatment technology.
Watch the video here.

Read the complete article.
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