News from the IWA Specialist Group on "Resources-oriented sanitation (ROS)"


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News from the IWA Specialist Group on "Resources-oriented sanitation (ROS)"

Please find below the news that were sent to the members IWA Specialist Group this week:

Dear member of the IWA Specialist Group on Resource Oriented Sanitation (ROS SG),

With this email we'd like to provide you with some information on upcoming events (especially our next SG conference with the deadline for submission of abstracts coming closer) and this year's activities of the ROS SG!

Upcoming events

1) Next ROS SG conference * Deadline for abstracts 21 Dec 2015!
Our next and 5th SG conference will be again jointly organised with the Small Systems SG. The conference will take place from 14-16 September 2016 in Athens, Greece. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 21 December 2015!
For details see:

2) Conference "Innovations in Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems (ISWTS)", 23-25 April, 2016, Pune, India The ROS SG supports the conference "Innovations in Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems (ISWTS)" that is organised in April
2016 in India. The conference is jointly organised by four Indian-European research projects. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 February 2016.
More information:

Activities in 2015

1) Workshop "De-centralized and on-site systems for resource recovery - low and high tech options" at the 1st IWA Resource Recovery Conference "Bridging towards the chemical industry", 30 August * 2 September, Ghent, Belgium The workshop organised by our SG was scheduled on the afternoon of 1 September 2015 and was facilitated by Anne-Katrin Skambraks and Guenter Langergraber.
More information:

2) Workshop "Sanitation Safety Plans * From concept to practice" at the IWA Water and Development Congress, 19-21 October 2015, Jordan The workshop was held during the morning session on Wednesday 21 October 2015 and was organised by the ROS SG jointly with the Wetland Systems and the Health Related Water Microbiology SG.
The presentations from the workshop have been made available for download at the
IWA Water Wiki .
As an outcome of the workshop an outline proposal for an workshop on "Sanitation Safety Planning" for the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, 9-13 October 2016, Brisbane, OLD, Australia, was prepared under the lead of the ROS SG.

Wishing you all the best for 2016,
Guenter Langergraber
Chair of the ROS SG
Dr Guenter Langergraber
Senior Scientist
Institute of Sanitary Engineering
BOKU University
Vienna, Austria

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