Nudges for handwashing brief and infographic


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Nudges for handwashing brief and infographic

For handwashing to be effective, it needs to be practiced consistently and thoroughly. Even when people have access to soap and water, and know how and why to wash their hands, many still do not properly wash their hands consistently at critical times. The handwashing behavior change challenge is not only to encourage people to wash their hands with soap, but to do so correctly and at all critical times.

Nudges are one example of a behavior change tool that can encourage people to wash their hands.

Although the evidence base for nudges is still emerging and nudges for handwashing have been tested primarily in single contexts or on a limited scale, this brief and infographic (pictured below) answer some frequently asked questions about nudges and provides examples of how they have been used in efforts to increase handwashing.

We thank colleagues at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Splash, Thrive Networks, USAID, and FHI 360 for their contributions to this brief.

Visit the Global Handwashing Partnership's resource library and Key Topics page to learn more about behavior change.

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Re: Nudges for handwashing brief and infographic

Nice overview.

I tried in vain to find more details on the mentioned success story by Splash in Nepal... is it published somewhere?
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