Hygiene Behaviour Change: Webinar on lessons from the CS WASH Fund


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Hygiene Behaviour Change: Webinar on lessons from the CS WASH Fund

This webinar will be held Wednesday 5 July 2017 at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Greater understanding the determinants of hygiene behaviour does not necessarily translate into the delivery of more successful hygiene behaviour change messages informed by robust monitoring frameworks. With the support of the CS WASH Fund, the following two CSOs will be sharing their experiences in understanding and overcoming the barriers to hygiene behaviour change.

The webinar will include:
  • Introduction and overview – Mark Ellery, WASH Facilitator

  • Adapting, testing and integrating behaviour change communications based on emotional drivers of nurture, disgust and social affiliation to promote safe handwashing practices within a mainstream government programme – Dr Adam Biran, London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine and Balaji Gopalan, Upward Spiral Creative Agency

  • Formative research into infant faeces management for behaviour change strategies East Sepik communities, Papua New Guinea – Gail Pigolo, WaterAid PNG and International WaterCentre

  • Question and answer session

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