WASH behaviour change intervention (contribution from Nepal)


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WASH behaviour change intervention (contribution from Nepal)

“A society which respects the rights and dignity of people specially women and children, marginalised, differently abled and disadvantaged giving them equal opportunities, using their potentials to become contributing member of their community ”.

There need project design, strategy development and functional implementation for results, barrier analysis and behaviour change in WASH, monitoring and evaluation of the interventions , Impact evaluation and policy advocacy for improvement. Also need campaigning of WASH and facilitator in triggering people to make them realise their social system and influence in policy for the betterment of the community people. Stakeholders analysis, networking and partnership development, maintain professional and functional relationship that helps in policy influence, understand the value of money , rehabilitation and livelihood promotion considering SPHERE standards.

Some of the key lessons are as follows:
• Sustainable development cannot be attained without overt focus on the participation of specific target groups and on their regularity in programme planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, ownership and partnership development, advocacy and networking, knowledge management and service delivery, which is not possible unless local communities and governing bodies are directly involved and made responsible for the development system.
• In order to achieve efficiency and quality assurance, it is necessary to give more attention to quality inputs and people learning, which requires the community’s close involvement in and contribution to the development system.
• Centralized planning and programming cannot address local needs and conditions, nor does it generate a sense of ownership on the part of the communities.
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