Stop "Wildpinkler" (German for people urinating in the open) and "Peeback" in Hamburg, Germany


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Re: Solution for Public Urination

Residents of St Pauli, Hamburg, Germany have developed a unique solution for preventing public urination. They have painted walls with splash-creating, urine retardant paint, which splashes urine back to the person, who is urinating. More details can be seen at:

This is a novel solution of preventing public urination.

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Stop "Wildpinkler" (German for people urinating in the open) and "Peeback" in Hamburg, Germany


I found a nice idea on how to stop openly urinating in Cities. Here some links to the reaction of people in St. Pauli / Hamburg and the Deutsche Bahn at a train station in Köln. Hopefully it changes peoples behavior.

Peeback in Hamburg St. Pauli

And more on Peeback in Köln here *:
Peeback in Köln

Have fun watching the guys get wet feet.


* Added by moderator: News article in German: . In the cities of Hamburg and Cologne a special coating has been added to some walls which are frequented by "open urinators" so that if a male person urinates against that wall (it is usually males who do it, e.g. after a night out with drinking), the urine splashes back onto the feet of the person peeing.
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