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In December 2013, ACF has published a manual on “ABC- Assisting Behavior Change” in two parts: “theories and models” and “practical ideas and techniques”, with the reviews and suggestions of “WASH people” like Julien Eyrard or John Adams.
( )

LSHTM have their own a specific ABC methodology: “ABCDE: Assess Build Create Deliver and Evaluate” ( ).

We also recently experienced in Burkina Faso a training by Bonnie Kittle on the methodology an adaptation of BA for behaviour change.

There are many initiatives of barriers analysis for behavior change, and many other operational methods currently used on the field, and it is not easy to priorize one without having experienced before...
Also I would like to ask you:
• have you ever implemented an analysis of barriers for behavior change?
• If yes, what type of methodology did you use (technical references please)?
• What were the behaviors targeted by this analysis? How have they been identified?
• Was it sectorial? Integrated?
Ideally, is it possible to have an idea of the strengths/ weakness / Opportunities / Threats of the method? Would you recommend it?

Thank you to share your experiences!

Best regards,

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