Behavior Change: A Tactic Report from iDE


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  • I recently joined iDE from the advertising world. I have helped shape social marketing campaigns, build brands, and craft communication strategies. I apply my background in advertising, design and communications to promote iDE's Global WASH Initiative.
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Behavior Change: A Tactic Report from iDE

Behavior Change Grounded in User Insights: Putting the Puzzle Together.
In this publication, we share our experience with a one-year pilot on behavior change, and outline our key takeaways for building an effective campaign. A handful of social games, the core of the behavior change program we developed, are shown and explained in this report.

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Re: Behavior Change: A Tactic Report from iDE

Thanks for posting this (although I am not sure if I like the term "tactics" in this context...).

Is there a more comprehensive publication on those 17 triggers and more details on the games which would allow replicating them? The 'report' you linked to seems more like a brochure ;)
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Re: Behavior Change: A Tactic Report from iDE

Dear Koch,

Krischan has a point. It is more like a brochure than a report. With your wonderful background experience in advertising world, you can produce a more detailed, down-to-earth publication on behavior change. In the context of developing countries, like Pakistan, such an publication is desperately needed.


F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan
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