My Toilet, My Pride!


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My Toilet, My Pride!

Many at time, we ignore a very important part of nature and tend to overlook what shouldn’t be.
A toilet is a convenience and therefore a place where we can ease ourselves when nature calls. The plan of a building is incomplete without a toilet in it and that leads us to the question…are you proud of your toilet?
Being proud of one’s toilet shouldn’t be confused with some other things. As some may begin to think that of what need is it for one to be proud of his/her toilet? But sincerely, health workers recommend that after waking up very early in the morning, one should visit the toilet and egest as a result of bowel movement that has happened over the night. But in cases whereby the toilet is unkept, a person will feel so ashamed to visit it and see no reason to be proud of the toilet.
Someone who is proud of his/her toilet can boldly say
-it is washed regularly
-water spillage is mopped immediately
-applies deodorant and disinfectant etc.
Therefore, next time you want to get an apartment, get the one you will be so proud of its toilet.
Mamukuyomi, Temitope Rotimi.
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Individual Member, World Toilet Organization.

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