Poor Sanitation Also Affects Animals - Zoo animals suffer because of staff shortage, poor sanitation (Karachi, Pakistan)

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Poor Sanitation Also Affects Animals

Poor Sanitation Also Affects Animals

Human beings are badly impacted by poor sanitation. Overflowing gutters, broken manholes with sewage oozing out, sewage discharge in depressions and on vacant lands create unhygienic conditions. Not only people in developing countries are affected, people living in developed countries also suffer due to poor sanitation.

In discussions, the impact of poor sanitation on animals is never mentioned. However, a news item in local newspaper, Dawn of 22 Feb 2018, says that animals suffer because of poor sanitation ( www.dawn.com/news/1390870/zoo-animals-su...tage-poor-sanitation )

The news item says:

Sanitation conditions at the zoo have gone from bad to worse as there is an acute shortage of sweepers. This is seriously affecting animal health. Lying motionless in her cage, the white lioness that got infected with a serious skin infection one and a half years ago still looked sick as her skin had many hairless spots. The double-humped ungulate female, who lost its mate in 2014 to a disease, was also in terrible state with flies clung to her patchy hairless skin.

The news item goes to show the great importance of sanitation.

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