Sanitation Safety Planning - Workshop @ FSM4 and new IWA blog


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Sanitation Safety Planning - Workshop @ FSM4 and new IWA blog

Dear all,

We welcome you to the joint IWA and WHO workshop on Sanitation Safety Planning (SSP) during FSM4 in Chennai.

The workshop will be held on Thursday February 23rd, 13:30-17:30 in Rajendra 8, and include an interactive learning activity as well as a panel discussion on lessons learned from India, Uganda and the Philippines.

For a brief introduction to SSP, check out my latest blog, on how to ensure safety when recycling nutrients from wastewater or fecal sludge to food, even in a low income setting: Is there fecal sludge on your salad?

More info on SSP can also be found here
Marie R. Sagen


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Re: Sanitation Safety Planning - Workshop @ FSM4 and new IWA blog

I was at the workshop and it was very useful. There were a few slides shown at the end that talked about the different ways in which people can be made to comply with the steps set out in an SSP, ranging from regulatory mechanisms, such as fines, to voluntary mechanisms, such as self-regulation.

Do you have access to those slides and are you able to share them? I am doing some work on compliance with wastewater regulations and how to improve it and it would be a great starting point.

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