How to deal with multiple languages on the forum and in the digest?


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  • I am a free lance environmental consultant. I undertake socio-economic studies and research in sanitation projects and translations. I am a former business developer for Ecodomeo (vermicomposting UD toilets manufacturer).
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Re: How to deal with multiple languages on the forum and in the digest?

I just checked the discussion forum in French and selected English. I worked well for the translation of the text (the title is not so well translated but good enough to know what the post is about. I also tried from French to Portuguese but it just translated a couple of words here and there.
As far as the other categories are concerned (translation from English to French), it is brilliant, I think this is a major improvement to break the language barrier and to have access to information and experience !
Cécile Laborderie
MAKATI Environnement
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Re: How to deal with multiple languages on the forum and in the digest?

Hello @christoph and @F H Mughal

First of all we are very happy that this new tool is getting so much attention in this short time period.
But this is a tool from google so we do not have any direct influence on how it translates or which languages are added.

Google translator has a learning algorithm, so the more people use the editable translation function where you can type in sentences and translate them, the faster the translation algorithm learns. Over the past year or two the improvement between the translation between certain languages has been remarkable. We hope that google will add additional languages to this translation tool to open up the forum to an even larger audience.

Kind regards,
SuSanA secretariat.
[posted by Agazi Medhanie and Trevor Surridge]
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