Commercial Advertising and Films for WASH Behaviour Change Promotion : Theory, Practice and Lessons

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Commercial Advertising and Films for WASH Behaviour Change Promotion : Theory, Practice and Lessons

Given the emergence of WASH as an attractive destination for commercial mainstream advertising, consulting and film industry : we need a discussion on the theory, practice and lessons from the recent initiatives.

Instead of relying on examples and anecdotal experiential sharing - It will be good to have a serious discussion among practitioners and academia on this Working Group, where we discuss all the three aspects of theory, practice and lessons. To understand how the commercial advertising and media agencies see the WASH sector, differentiate between urban and rural WASH target audience, how they define appropriate messaging for each, what are their challenges and what we as development practitioners - see the limitations of opportunities of these commercial entities promoting WASH.

As a start I am providing a link to a good BCC in WASH discussion that took place a few years ago on the WSSCC community of practice. The discussion was summarised and curated by India WASH Forum.

Please check this link

Is there an appetite for a serious discussion on this WG?

Depinder Kapur is a senior Development and WASH expert and is currently leading the Sanitation Capacity Building Platform of National Institute of Urban Affairs in New Delhi. He has worked with AKRSP, SPWD, CARE(Director NRM), Oxfam(Program & Advocacy Director), WaterAid India(Country Head) and WSSCC(National Coordinator). Also has 5 years of work experience as a consultant with UNICEF, FAO, WSSCC, FES and World Bank. Principal Trustee of India WASH Forum and part of a Citizens Initiative on Right to Water and Sanitation. Also worked with Ministry of Urban Development for the Clean India...
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