In memory of Kevin Tayler


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In memory of Kevin Tayler

After a short battle with an aggressive bladder cancer Kevin sadly passed away 3rd May 2021 aged 73.

Kevin was a much loved and respected around the world, and was a huge expert on sanitation systems. He held that knowledge and expertise lightly, always keen to learn, to understand the practical issues, and to share his vast experience in easily understandable ways with others. It was in that spirit that he was a regular contributor to SuSanA.

A website has been set up to share stories and memories:

We knew him at Practical Action through is work with our publishing company. His book on Faecal Sludge and Septage treatment has been shared as the go-to guide all around the world with versions in English, French and Spanish. He was still working on a new book when he died, which we should be publishing with the help of his daughter later this year.  
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Re: In memory of Kevin Tayler

That is very sad. Thanks for your forum post, Lucy. I only knew Kevin through his posts on the SuSanA discussion forum where I was always amazed at how patiently and politely he explained FSM-related topics, especially also for newcomers or students. He had a wealth of experience to draw on and was keen to share everything he knew (also with his books). How sad that he has left us already!

Here is the link to Kevin's forum posts:
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