Re: Reply: How to construct simple and inexpensive and efficient wastewater treatment systems plants for homesteads which don?t have sewer connections (Kenya)


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  • I am a retired organic farmer and interested in nutrient cycles. As an volunteer I now travel mainly to poor countries and together with locals I would like to find new ways of sustainable agriculture. This is beyond the regulations of IFOAM.
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Re: Can fish be grown in ponds into which the sewage is released? (aquaculture) - and health risks

Dear Paresh,

very interesting!

But too much information for me to understand it completely. In a superficial way I knew about this system because a man I knew studied this in sweden in the 60s. So it is (was) known in europe too....

But what we do in europe up to now is the construction of very expensive sewage plants. It all startet with mechanical, biological and chemical cleaning stages. But now they add a stage for microplastic, a stage for pharmaceuticals and try to save at least phosphorous out of the sewage. The whole system becomes expensive and technically vulnerable at the same time. And due to climate change, including higher amplitudes of daily and weekly rainfall, it will become very demanding to run this complicated system in a propper way. Not to mention the high energy demand. And no manager of a plant like this will ever claim his plant is running perfect. Today it is estimated that 10-20 % of the nutrients end up in the ocean during the year. Assumed the plant is working correctly.....

No chance to transfer our high tec system as a solution for the whole world. So we need different and more sustainable solutions, created under locally given conditions.  And the multi barrier approach as shown here in the wetlands is a topic in this forum anyway. 

So to me it is a very interesting system and I rather see the possibilities than the limits. But industrial wastewater could be a threat if poured completely unprocessed into the system.

Would like to read other opinions.....

Heiner, the old farmer.....
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Re: Can fish be grown in ponds into which the sewage is released? (aquaculture) - and health risks

I live near Handsworth park, Birmingham and have 2 sewage ponds nearby. The first pond coming out of the pipe seems anaerobic, with only an algae bloom, and the last pond smells foul, gives my dog diarrhoea, and is full of worms, shrimp and mosquito larvae. I am trying to clean the ponds for the public good. I bought 20 koi and put them in the final pond and they came up gasping for oxygen. So I put elodea and lilies into the pond. All seem to be thriving.

My question is can I oxygenate the anaerobic pond with elodea and lilies and put fish in there?
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