What happens when things go wrong in menstrual health and hygiene practice/programming/policy?


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Re: What happens when things go wrong in menstrual health and hygiene practice/programming/policy?

Dear All,

The Nakuru Accord MHH campaign had been running for two weeks on different social media platforms as in the links below:

Different questions were posted daily and responses given to their effect. Some of the responses that stood out were:

- It is very hard to identify MHH failures because very few organizations even monitor MHH programming seriously. There are so many examples of MHH activies taking place but zero data on them. Impossible to identify failures (or successes) unless we fix it.

-The most affected by MHH failures are women and girls without good options to manage their periods, exacerbated by feelings of shame and embarrassment.

-For a culture to be created where people share openly their lessons and what has gone wrong:
If the project has not had the intended impact sharing learning and advocacy based on the findings is even more important as it treats the investments of the beneficiaries and community with respect and gives their time and energy value. Engaging the community in a process of exploring available products breaks down stigma and helps introduce products alongside the wider systemic changes need to ensure they can be used safely and comfortably.

The campaign is over but we can still keep the conversation going here.
Feel free to pick a question and answer it in this thread. Looking forward to your responses.

Charlotte Mong'ina Maua
Water and Sanitation Consultant

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