Sustainable MHM in Africa at AfricaSan5 - What gets measured gets done


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Sustainable MHM in Africa at AfricaSan5 - What gets measured gets done

At the AfricaSan 5 conference (February 18-21), the Sector Program Sustainable Sanitation co-hosted an event on Sustainable Menstrual Health Management in Africa.

Jan Schlenk from the Sector Program set the stage for discussion of MHM within WASH in Schools by presenting the direct and indirect MHM related indicators in the WASH in Schools Monitoring framework. His presentation was followed by case examples and lively discussions from African countries. It was illustrated how MHM has been incorporated into policies and strategies of different ministries and one presentation elaborated on the acceptance rates of menstrual cups in Tanzania.

We will post the presentation from the session soon, but until then you can check out the poster "What gets measured gets done" that provides an overview of the direct and indirect MHM indicators within the SDG WinS Monitoring Framework:
Supporting WASH in Schools at GIZ Sector Programme Sustainable Sanitation

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