Request for practical learning on menstrual waste disposal, waste management and laundering in emergencies!

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Request for practical learning on menstrual waste disposal, waste management and laundering in emergencies!

Columbia University and the International Rescue Committee have launched a new project, funded by USAID’s Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), focused on expanding the evidence and guidance available on MHM disposal, waste management and laundering approaches for supporting displaced adolescent girls and women. The team is seeking practical learning and examples on these topics from the global humanitarian response community. This learning will be used to develop a compendium to serve as a complement to the MHM in Emergency Toolkit, with practical guidance for emergency responders, including case studies, design strategies and assessment tools. Please see the attached info sheet for details.

We would be grateful for specific inputs on the following:
1.Documents, publications, designs, reports on these topics that would be appropriate for us to include in our review but that may not be publicly available or easily accessible.
2. The names of colleagues (at your organization, in your sector, or others) that might be able to participate in a Key Informant Interview and provide us with insights on menstrual-related disposal, waste management and laundering solutions for displaced populations.
3. Recommendations or ideas regarding existing pilots or on-going programming that in menstrual-related disposal, waste management or laundering strategies with refugee or IDP populations so that we can specifically follow up and learn from the efforts.

The compendium is intended to be a collaborative resource which engages the humanitarian community, and is a multi-organization co-published resource. We deeply value your insights and will be soliciting your feedback throughout the development to ensure we are able to account for a wide variety of perspectives and experiences.

Please contact Maggie Schmitt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn more about the project or share relevant feedback and learning. Thank you in advance!

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