New MHM resources

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New MHM resources

Dear all

just want to highlight a few new MHM Resources:
  • Chandra-Mouli, V.; Patel, S.V. (WHO): Mapping the knowledge and understanding of menarche, menstrual hygiene and menstrual health among adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries
  • Unicef: WASH In schools empowers girls education. Proceedings of the 5th MHM Virtual conference
  • Unicef, Columbia University: MHM in 10 Meeting report

All and much more can be found on the Menstrual Hygiene Day website dedicated to collection of resources:

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Re: New MHM resources

Dear Inajurga,

Thank you for the information on MHM resources. I am from a small rural village in Kenya where MHM is an issue but no one talks about it. Currently, I am contemplating on researching on an MHM related issue for my Master Thesis and these resource materials are very insightful.

The website is very organised and really easy to navigate through.
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