Seeking Internship vacancies in the UK or Canada


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Seeking Internship vacancies in the UK or Canada

Dearest Members,

am an international student currently perusing a master of science in Environmental sanitation at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the university of Gent in Belgium having completed a Master of Biology at University of Antwerp still in Belgium.

Am humbly seeking for an internship or placement as part of the requirement of my master studies in any institution or company.(Most preferably in the UK or Canada) Am most interested in areas concerning waste or drinking water treatment, water sanitation and public health, environmental sanitation and public health, bio-solids treatment and recycling, Green and clean technology plus environmental protection (against pollution)

My desire to do an internship stretches beyond the requirements of this master programme, am looking to experience the real life situation in the professional world, am in search of an environment in which I can practice what I have been taught, to see the various aspects in play. I would like to attach a practical aspect to my studies and prepare myself for the professional world.

I strongly believe that through placement in your institution, my practical skills, field knowledge, professional conduct, work ethics and career prospectus will greatly improve! I hope to have obtained a well-informed sense of direction as regards career choice at the end of the placement.

With this email, i humbly seek assistance or contacts which can aid me in the above mentioned cause.
Thanks alot and kind regards to all! :)

Yours faithfully,
Martin Makyeme
Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation
Gent University (Belgium)

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