Humble request for funding of WASH project in Uganda urgently


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Humble request for funding of WASH project in Uganda urgently

*Dear* Forum Susan

Greetings from Ali Kabugo in Uganda

*Project: Northern Uganda Clean Water and Effective Sanitation for Communities*

Let me first all take this opportunity to thank you for serving Forum Susan in the entire world . I am a member of Susan, I need a donor or fundraising for my WASH project urgently.

I am called Ali Kabugo Founder/Executive Director Right The Future Uganda with registration No. 80020000984509, a charity that provides people with clean drinking water and sanitation in rural areas in Uganda. Most especially in Northern Uganda which was formerly a war conflict area in Uganda. Where there is a crisis/scarcity of clean drinking water and sanitation in Communities, people move for long distances to look for clean drinking water and as well they don't have toilets, they just move in the bushes which causes several diseases within Northern Uganda Communities and people are dying due that and this is because lack of funds to help on clean water and sanitation. Northern Uganda hosts one of the world?s largest refugee populations in Uganda, forced to flee their homes from conflict in the DRC and South Sudan. Indeed we will be very grateful to donate or fund the organization's activities of clean water and sanitation urgently to rescue the current situation in Uganda. Most of the organizations in Uganda do not reach those rural areas in Uganda. And people in Need remain suffering in this world.

I will be grateful for your support and happy with you to rescue the current situations

May God Bless you

Ali Kabugo

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +256750022170

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