Call for Partnerships in Vihiga County, Kenya


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Re: Call for Partnerships in Vihiga County, Kenya

Dear Adeps,

I am excited to read about your work in Vihiga County. I was working there for a few months, performing a feasibility study regarding the implementation of a biodigester to treat the waste water and feacal sludge produced in that area. As it turned out it is feasible and at this moment we are looking for funding.

Let me know how I can help, my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards,


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Re: Call for Partnerships in Vihiga County, Kenya

Our Organisation has successfully trained community based facilitators online all of the above in the past year and they are now starting a programme of Community Health Clubs in Kisii district, funded by Rotary Club of Denver. They are planning to scale up in Kenya and maybe interested in linking with your organization with a view to replicating this successful approach in other parts of Kenya. Therefore I am copying in Dr. Blair Gifford in case they may like to sponsor such a training. Please look on our website to get some idea of how we can support you.

Kind Regards, Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn

Director of Research & Training Africa AHEAD Association Cape Town, South Africa Cell/whatsup: +27 (0) 780083588 Skype: juliet.waterkeyn Registry of CHC at

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Call for Partnerships in Vihiga County, Kenya

Alliance for Development and Population Services-ADEPS is a grassroots organization working to promote primary healthcare among other activities in Vihiga county-KENYA. We are looking for partners for joint project implementation in the same areas.

Vihiga county in which we currently serve is one of the areas hard hit with different communicable diseases  resulting from bad environment and poor hygienic standards e.g high rate of malaria infection, accounting for  75 percent of ailments as reported by local health facilities in the area  every day and rated amongst  the fastest killer disease. Constant outbreaks of cholera  and other water-born diseases are  as well on record causing a lot of havoc  and killing many people at a go. All together and along side similar diseases contributes to the current high mortality rate currently witnessed in the area every day. That leading health facilities in the area at the moment records between 40-50 dead bodies every single day.

In this circumstances, ADEPS is then committed to providing primary health care programs, including provision of knowledge and skills on how to assist members of the community actively stay free from these ailments and reman healthy. By empowering them on how to maintain the the following:-
  • Hygiene and proper living standards
  • Clean and safe environment, right from their households and community levels
  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Proper general sanitation in homes and schools and 
  • Others
Again, due to high poverty, girls find it much more difficult when attending their periods, forcing them to miss classes, hence leading to poor performance in class. Others end up getting unwanted pregnancies by seeking needed support from men out their in exchange of the needed sanitary towels. Forcing them to drop from school prematurely.
We are therefore in the process of establish a girls restaurant to help girls' access related services e.g counselling, sanitary towels e.t.c so as to help assist them out during this stage.

In this regard therefore, Alliance for Development and Population Services calls for prospective partners to join us in providing the needed sanitary services to the community so as help in addressing the situation in the area.

Interested parties can reach us through our e-mail;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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