Lists of sources of doners that fund sanitation projects in developing countries


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Re: Hygiene

Hi Khamis,

The Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP) created a Sanitation Technology Funder Landscape report in 2018. The report highlights organizations potentially willing to fund the validation of new sanitation technologies and their preparation for market entry. This narrow focus might not suit your needs well, but I thought I would share the resource anyways.

At the link below, you can access a PDF file, webinar, and excel sheet all related to the same landscape report. Since these materials were produced in 2018, they may not be current. The quickest way to utilize these might be to review the organizations in the excel sheet; navigating to the organizations' websites may uncover current funding opportunities.

Best regards,
Tyler Ovington
Sanitation Technology Platform (STeP)
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Hi to all SuSanA members...! thank web secretaries who establish this platform so as to link sanitation professionals across the globe and sharing knowledge and skills. this platform helps us to get knowledge and skills based on hygiene and sanitation issues. I would like to write this post to SuSanA secretaries on the betterment of imposing call for proposal on implementing hygiene and sanitation projects across the globe so as to raise the unheard voice about sanitation.

Also, I need helps from SusanA members to give me lists of sources of doners that fund sanitation projects in developing countries.

Khamis Abassi Khamis
Managing director Pemba environment and sanitation organisation
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