Urgent appeal for public health support (from Sudan)


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Urgent appeal for public health support (from Sudan)

According to official sources, currently we are week 5 of the epidemic in Sudan
We are witnessing with great concern a rapidly growing number of cases of acute watery diarrhea around the country, first reported in mid- August 2016 in Blue Nile State (ElRoseiris and ElDamazine cities).At the moment, cases are being reported from 7 States: Blue Nile, Sinnar,Kassala, River Nile, ElGezira and ElGadaref, as well as the State of Khartoum, where the capital city of Khartoum is. Sinnar and Blue Nile States currently host a number of refugees from South Sudan.With the recent floods from the rainy season, the abundance of stagnant water, human waste and active vectors in the environment, compounded with limited capacity of the health system in Sudan, we are noticing high morbidity and mortality among affected individuals. Hence, the situation can be characterized as grave.......please continue the rest of the report in the attached PDF

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