Technology transfer of innovative rural latrine and Requesting for project funding.


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Technology transfer of innovative rural latrine and Requesting for project funding.

Dear Development partners,
Hygienic and safe sanitation is one of the main proactive factors to ensure the sound health and friendly environment. On this regards we the development groups and government institutions are working for the rural safe sanitation program for the poor families who are the major part of the community. From the year 1993 in Bangladesh so many government, non-government and international development organizations and the personal entrepreneurs have developed several models and technology of latrines and have provided them to use after providing awareness on sanitation. But yet it could not get sustainability. This latrine itself is causing environment pollution, extra economical pressure, produce and spread of water and air borne diseases and misuse of home side land.
OVWS is a non-government development organization working for the socioeconomic development of the poor backwards peoples in Bangladesh with government registration. I and my organization are also working with sanitation program for long period. During implementation my research and study result is that the running system and model of latrine and its distribution/installation system is growing the people less interested and discourage to use latrine due to the following reasons;
- It is not sustainable to use for long run.
- It is not a permanent structure.
- It is not cost effective.
- Have no economical return.
- It itself pollute the environment.
- It is not well constructed and protected.
- It has no human waste management.
- It spoils the land resources.
- Unable to install another latrine within short period.
On our survey report we observed that people are conscious about the hygienic sanitation system they have education that not to use hygienic latrine water and air borne diseases are producing and spreading and affecting them and their women and children are suffering with malnutrition causing death also. In this regard they demand for an improved innovative model of latrine which will be well constructed, permanent, long run, cost effective, have economical return, environment friendly and have waste management.
By the public opinion we have innovate a cost effective, environment friendly removable double well constructed latrine by which human waste will recycle as compost fertilizer to use in the agriculture field, we hope that it will be a global accepted model for latrine. We have installed 10 latrines at northern region of Bangladesh among aboriginal families as pilot project and assessed its public and other service provider interest. People gave positive opinion and are interest to install this model of latrine. They are requesting to us for a latrine as partnership help because due to financial unable they could not install it alone. As per requirement and demand we have prepared a project proposal to implement in the proposed area due to fund limitation our organization is not capable to implement this project alone on this regard we spread our hand to receive partnership help that we can implement this project among the aboriginal families. We hope that this project will be a global accepted project and this model can be used in any other developing and under developing country. We are always ready to help any other organization to transfer our technology if anyone is interested to implement in their area.

Pastor David B. Baroi
Executive Director
Our Vision For Welfare Service (OVWS)
S/8, Nurjahan Road, Mohammadpur,
Dhaka - 1207, Bangladesh.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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