Market research methods and tools for MHM products


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Market research methods and tools for MHM products

I am conducting a small-scale market research study of MHM products in Uganda (of the supply and demand side) and am trying to find examples of tools (questionnaires and questions guides for FGDs) to do this. We’d prefer to use tools that exist and have been tested if possible (rather than reinvent the wheel or ignore current best practices). We've done a very quick search of literature and key organisations and have come up with some studies and reports e.g. Water Global Practice that includes tools as appendixes, but I’m not certain that I haven’t missed a ‘standard’ tool.
The broad questions we’re trying to answer are:
  1. what MHH & liquid soap products women/ girls/ households prefer (re-usable pads/ pads/ tampons/ cups etc.) and can afford
  2. What MHH & liquid soap providers are already there to provide the preferred products- and find out if there is a market gap and where that gap is (what products/ locations/ price range)
Any suggestions or information would be much appreciated!
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