The power of Cartoons on International Women's Day

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The power of Cartoons on International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day 2014

Came across these two WSP Gender in Water and Sanitation cartoons via twitter and this shows the power of cartoons on International Women's Day:

#IWD2014: In rural #Pakistan 50% of girls leave school before Grade 4 due to a lack of #sanitation facilities

#IWD2014: To the #women everywhere who give so much of themselves to care for their families: THANK YOU!

You too can help break the sanitation taboo by entering the currently running cartoon competition, read about the details here:

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Re: The power of Cartoons on International Women's Day

Thank you Trevor, this really nails it! Happy women's day to all the great women, mothers, daughters, girls, out there!

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Re: Involvement of women in WASH development: themes and role models

In recognition of Women's Day on March 8, the article 'Why women’s involvement in water and sanitation development is important' focuses on the themes of women's involvement in WASH leadership, and highlights four women who have been postive role models in the WASH sector: Water For People’s Kate Fogelberg; IRC’s Vida Duti and Jane Nabunnya Mulumba; and Alice Bouman, President of the Women for Water Partnership.

The full article and youtube interviews with 3 of the women can be found here: ( )

(Posted by Roslyn)

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