Vermicomposting of human excreta for community toilets in India


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Vermicomposting of human excreta for community toilets in India

Dear Dr. Nitya Jacob (Our PROUD Promoter of 'CLEANINDIA MISSION' for the Safety of Society),

Good to know that under the ‘Swakch BharatMission’, the Jal Shakti Ministry is prioritizing the construction of Community
Sanitary Complexes  in rural areas in India.
Please also inspire them to promote the VERMIFILTRATION SYSTEM to CLEAN (Detoxify & Disinfect) the SEWAGE emitted
from the SANITARY COMPLEXES. They must not be allowed to FLOW out UNTREATED
contaminating the rural areas with huge PATHOGENS as it always happens in
Recently (15 Oct.) I spoke in a WEBINAR on ‘VERMIFILTRATION of WASTEWATER’ held in Bangalore. It has been put on the
YOU-TUBE. My other 20 Mins. VIDEOFILM on ‘VERMIFILTER PLANT’ of Baroda, Gujarat
is also on YOU-TUBE.
Show to the members of ‘JAL SHAKTIMINISTRY’. More than 100 VF Plants are Operating in the Cities & Villages
of Gujarat & the CLEAN NUTRITIVE WATER is supplied to the Villagers &
Farmers for use in SANITATION & IRRIGATION. The Villagers in the Rural
areas of Baroda were very happy.
Please write me the Emails of Mr. Dibyendu Sarkar, Secretary to Govt of West Bengal; Dr Asad Umar, SeniorProgramme Officer- WASH & Health, Aga Khan Development Network, Delhi. Also the Emails of Officers at ‘Jal Shakti Ministry’.
I sent you the Detail INFO of my VERMIFILTER TECHNOLOGY that developed in Australia & the TRANSCHEM Agritech
in Baroda, Gujarat who commercialized my Technology. I am sending it again.
Hope you contacted Dr. Jaya Nair in Australia for VERMICOMPOSTING of 'HUMAN EXCRETA' (Feces). It is very
SIMPLE. Only SAW DUST is needed as Bulking Materials. Use the Three WASTE-EATER
species of Earthworms - Eiseniafetida, Perionyx excavatus & Eudrillus euginae - all availablein India. SEWAGE SLUDGE contains 90 % Human Excreta. I worked on it at
Griffith University. 
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Kind Regards
Prof. Dr. Rajiv K Sinha
Environmental Scientist & Retd. Assoc. Professor, Griffith University, AUSTRALIA; (Helping CLIMATE COUNCIL& Australian CONSERVATION FOUNDATION to Protect the ENVIRONMENT of
‘VERMICULTURE Expert for WASTE Management &ORGANIC Farming’   

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