Postdoc position on sustainable sanitation systems modelling


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  • I have a background in environmental engineering and planning with a focus on sanitation and wastewater management. My research focuses on resource recovery using concepts of sustainability, life-cycle thinking, participation, serious gaming and decision-support frameworks to better understand and shape planning processes.
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Postdoc position on sustainable sanitation systems modelling

I am looking for a qualified postdoc to support research at the Environmental Engineering group at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Please, share this announcement within your networks.

Postdoc position on sustainable sanitation systems modelling
We are looking for a postdoc to strengthen our research on sustainability assessments of technologies for resource-recovery from urban organic waste, i.e. wastewater fractions and organic solid waste. We are particularly interested in individuals working at the nexus of sustainability, wastewater infrastructure, systems modeling, and policy. The candidate must have a demonstrated proficiency in systems thinking and system dynamics modeling, the ability to collaborate with a broad domain of stakeholders, and experience in assessing and distilling technical information into influential policy tools to inform decision-making processes.
The postdoc will:
·      Develop and apply new transdisciplinary methods for sustainability analysis with a focus on resource recovery,
·      Develop systems dynamic models for transitioning to sanitation systems with increased resource efficiency & equitable access
for all
·      Increase knowledge of trade-offs between different sustainability aspects through publishing scientific and popular
science papers
·      Develop and write research proposals for continued work on these topics.
Read more and apply
Dr. Jennifer McConville
Associate Professor

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Energy and Technology
Environmental Engineering
Box 7032, SE-750 07 UPPSALA
Telephone: +46 18-672 816
Mobile: +46 76 783 7084
Skype: jrmcconville
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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