Looking for senior development/humanitarian evaluation consultants - COVID-19 and SDGs


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Looking for senior development/humanitarian evaluation consultants - COVID-19 and SDGs

- Closure Date: 15/May/2021 -

OED  is looking for a EVALUATION SPECIALIST (several positions) to support in programme evaluations in various priority areas of FAO.
The FAO Office of Evaluation has issued a call for expressions of interest (see link below – deadline to be extended
soon) to identify senior development and humanitarian consultants interested in
working in upcoming assessments of FAO’s contributions to the achievement of
SDG6 (Water and sanitation), FAO’s response to COVID-19 pandemic (real time
evaluation), etc. We are particularly interested in applications from
consultants with a global outlook, able to identify key issues within a complex
reality, and familiar with the 2030 Agenda and/or the humanitarian response to
Job Location: home-based

The Office of Evaluation (OED) anchors the evaluation function in the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Evaluation in FAO provides results accountability using evidence based guidance to member countries and FAO’s Director-General to improve decision-making and provide oversight. Evaluation also contributes to corporate learning by offering improvements in the Organisation’s programmes, including relevance to countries, definition of objectives, design and implementation. OED also participates in system-wide evaluation initiatives, thereby contributing to assessments of developmental effectiveness by the United Nations (UN) system.

The evaluation specialists will carry out specific tasks in accordance with the evaluation’s Terms of Reference, including:
  • Draft of inception reports
  • Lead and/or contribute to the development of the evaluation methodology
  • Participate in field missions (when feasible) and/or briefings/debriefings
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Lead and/or contribute to the drafting of the evaluation report and/or relevant sections
Information may be subject to change - please find more information in the Advert linked here
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