8 positions - BORDA South Asia is hiring


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8 positions - BORDA South Asia is hiring

Dear All ,

Please find below the links to 8 new positions at the BORDA liason Office in Bangalore, Karnataka.
Deadline : March 15, 2020

Executive Secretary: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140520
Procurement Specialist/Admin Officer : www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140519
PR and Communication Specialist: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140518
Engineer: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140517
Urban/ Environment Planner: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140514
Project Partner Coordinator: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140512
Senior Engineer: www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140511
Technical Expert – Integrated Water Management (IWM): www.devnetjobsindia.org/JobDescription.aspx?Job_Id=140508

Best regards,
Shobana Srinivasan
Coordinator - Strategic Alliances
BORDA e.V Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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