Hiring now ! Executive Secretary (Head of Secretariat) for the FSM Alliance


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Hiring now ! Executive Secretary (Head of Secretariat) for the FSM Alliance

BORDA e.V. is looking for an Executive Secretary (Head of Secretariat) for the Faecal Sludge Management Alliance
Who we are:
The Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA e.V.) is an expert-NGO specialising in
sanitation. For 40 years now, our award-winning solutions empower people and set new standards in 25+ countries.
What we do:
BORDA provides game-changing sanitation solution worldwide, by knowledge transfer, providing sanitation
Solutions & Management, and facilitating partnerships.
How we do it:
1. Close to People – “From Mason to Minister”
2. “Tested in Reality”
3. Adapting & Innovating
4. As a “trusted Advisor”
Empowered people who make their communities more liveable. Increased livability, lasting structural change,
empowered players.

Executive Secretary (Head of Secretariat) for the FSM Alliance Vacancy
In 2011, a group of individuals and organisations came together to create a platform for identifying challenges
around faecal sludge management (FSM) in rapidly urbanising centres in developing countries; for promoting
sustainable solutions and the exchange of knowledge about them whilst also encouraging innovation.
The biennial FSM Conference is an established fixture in the conference calendar of the Water and Sanitation
sector. Last year it attracted over 1.200 participants.
The core structure responsible for planning, organising and delivery of the conference is the ‘Committee’ – a
voluntary group of 17 individuals representing eight well established organisations in the field of FSM and urban
In December 2018, this group formed the FSM Alliance and elected an Executive Committee. One of the key
mechanisms for delivering their vision is the creation of a Secretariat whose core responsibility is the organisation
and delivery of successful, high quality FSM Conferences. In addition, the FSM Alliance and its Secretariat shall
develop and deliver other programmes and projects to support the growth of the FSM and non-sewered sanitation
sector. BORDA acts as the hosting organization of the Secretariat.

The Head of Secretariat is responsible for the following:
 Establishing and leading a Secretariat that is fit for purpose in primarily delivering high quality FSM (faecal
sludge management) Conferences, which advance FSM communication, learning and practice
 Ensuring the Executive Committee is supported in its governance and strategic leadership roles in the FSM
 Ensuring that the Executive Committee and the Conference Committees and Sub-Committees are supported
to deliver on their functions vis-a-vis Conference design and organization
 Leading the Secretariat in developing long-term plans for the financial sustainability and development of the
FSM Alliance to achieve its vision, mandate and goals
 Developing, supporting and maintaining strategic institutional relationships which place FSM development
in the context of city- and settlement-wide, inclusive sanitation development.
 Working with the Executive Committee to continue developing the organizational model of the FSM Alliance,
including growing its membership and partners.
 Candidate will report to Chair of the Executive Committee or a designated member of the Committee.

Please view the attachments for more details and supporting documents.

Deadline : 3 February, 2019
Shobana Srinivasan
Coordinator - Strategic Alliances
BORDA e.V Germany
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Re: Hiring now ! Executive Secretary (Head of Secretariat) for the FSM Alliance

I am interested
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