Dalberg Advisors is looking for people

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Dalberg Advisors is looking for people

Dear all,

Dalberg Advisors ( www.dalberg.com ), an international impact focused consulting firm, is hiring Practice Area Knowledge Manager for our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practice area.

Knowledge Managers will be the custodian of thematic insights and data for these practices within Dalberg and will also be responsible for dissemination of insights through newsletters, social media handles, and engagement with the development community globally.

If issues such as water security, sanitation worker safety, waste management, business models for WASH, rural water access, urban utilities in India and other parts of Asia are interesting to you, we'd encourage you to look at the detailed description here - goo.gl/ATWA34

You can learn more about Dalberg at www.dalberg.com .

Nitya Jacob
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