Research Fellow in International Sanitation Engineering, Cranfield University, UK


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  • Lecturer in International Water and Sanitation at Cranfield University, working on many apsects of urban water and sanitation, including leading Cranfield's response to the BMGF Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.
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Research Fellow in International Sanitation Engineering, Cranfield University, UK

Cranfield University are looking for someone to join our internationally-leading Institute to work on the prestigious ‘Reinvent the Toilet challenge’ grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and develop a fully
integrated sanitation treatment process for low income countries, to meet the needs of 2.6 billion people who currently lack access to appropriate sanitation. In this challenging and exciting role, you will manage the engineering and development process as as well as the design, manufacture and testing of a demonstration process prior to presenting the engineered solution at next year’s Reinvent the Toilet Fair.

The highly innovative treatment design, titled ‘the Nano Membrane Toilet’ utilises novel, high performance membrane and adsorption separation processes to enable the passive treatment of sewage onsite, producing clean water and fertilizers as by-products. Following extensive laboratory and pilot based experimentation, you will be expected to deliver process designs and operational envelopes for these separation technologies, in addition to the preparation of high quality journal papers for publication.

Suitable candidates from academia, consultancy or industry will be passionate about their subject. You will have a relevant scientific or engineering PhD and strong laboratory skills. Prior knowledge of membrane and/ or adsorption processes is preferred. You will be good at integrating across disciplines and have a growing publication track record. Working with considerable autonomy and within a vibrant research environment, you will have the flexibility to develop your own work programme and help grow our business. In return, Cranfield University offers substantive opportunities for professional development and an effective, collegiate working environment.

For more details see:
Alison Parker
Apply to study our MSc in Community Water and Sanitation:
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