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consultancy for WSSCC

Please note the announcement for a senior membership consultancy with WSSCC went up yesterday:

I would encourage you to share widely with colleagues, as appropriate.

• The deadline is 29th August 2012. Interviews are tentatively scheduled September 7th. Start date would be negotiated with the selected candidate.

The position requires 11-years ‘related’ experience and it is worth underscoring that this phraseology includes experiences as relates core-competencies and should not be read as requiring 11-years direct experience of senior management in a membership organization.

Madeleine Fogde
Program Director SIANI
Senior Project Manager at SEI
Tel +46 (0)8 6747652
Fax + 46 (0)8 6747020
Cell + 46 737078576
SKYPE mfogde71811
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