Questions about SuSanA's actions, from Mozambique


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Questions about SuSanA's actions, from Mozambique

I am Biologist and  living in MozambiqueI would like just to know:

- How SuSan does measure the impact of its actions worldwide, in Africa and specifically in Mozambique?
- Does Susan have a program of training trainers aiming to expend and reach its objectives?

Mozambique is a country that may have to live forever with seasonal floods each year. Most of the time, to address the issues following floods, people are displaced to safe, and given the first help. But the environment in the aftermath is very health risky.
- Does Susan ever plan to address Hygiene & Health matters in that context encouraging research subject ?
Particularly when it come to the use of well waters or borehole waters as it is common in urban and rural areas in Mozambique.

Best Regards

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Re: Questions about SuSanA's actions, from Mozambique

Hello Ed,
Thank you for your note about training programs available in Mozambique.

In Malawi, Mzuzu University has train-the-trainer WASH programs available and have had participants from Mozambique attend our low-cost sanitation training programs.
Rochelle Holm, Ph.D., PMP
Mzuzu (Malawi)
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