Masters, PhD and Postdoc opportunities at the PH2E Lab (University of Victoria, Canada)


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  • Caetano Dorea is an Associate Professor at the University of Victoria where he leads the Public Health & Environmental Engineering (PH2E) Lab, Canada’s only research group primarily dedicated to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). His interests and expertise are at the crossroads of environmental and public health engineering.
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Masters, PhD and Postdoc opportunities at the PH2E Lab (University of Victoria, Canada)

PH2E Lab in beautiful British Columbia is recruiting (Masters, PhD & Postdoc - diverse backgrounds wanted)! Projects ranging from humanitarian WASH to the unraveling of the mysteries of the toilet and more!

The links below are for project specific recruitment. Discretionary funding is also available to support high-calibre applicants wishing to pursue research in other areas (conventional drinking water and wastewater treatment). The use of such funding depends on the applicant’s level (MASc, PhD or PDF), their interest/potential, and project feasibility. Please get in touch to discuss other opportunities.

1) MASc on Humanitarian emergency “batch” water treatment
2) MASc or PhD on Humanitarian emergency IPS water treatment
3) MASc, PhD or PDF on Functional ecology of onsite sanitation
4) MASc or PhD on Characterisation of faecal sludge
University of Victoria
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