urine in commercial food production


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urine in commercial food production


I'm interested in code, regulation & best practices for urine storage, treatment and application for commercial food production.

If you could point me in some right directions, that would be great.

biology, chemistry, regulation, technology, cultural acceptance, insurance

Pardon my ignorance on the matter if there are obvious resources that "everybody" knows about. Also feel free to direct me to post this in a more relevant part of the forum.


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Re: urine in commercial food production

Hi Phil,

Where are you based? Are you in the US? If so, you could contact Kim or Abe at the richearthinstitute.org/ or the PHLUSH people in OR ( www.phlush.org/ )

Good luck!
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Re: urine in commercial food production

The www.ecosanres.org website has a lot of publications in that regard. Check, for example, the "Ecological Sanitation" bible (of 2004), which you can download from that site. Or:
2004-2 Guidelines on the Use of Urine and Faeces in Crop Production. Jönsson et al. 35p. (PDF. English 2.26 MB :: Español 1.80MB :: French 844kb :: Português 350KB :: Russian 2.80MB)

There also are WHO guidelines.

And did you check the literature on the Susana site? (e.g. using the filtering functions in the SuSanA library: www.susana.org/library )

Good luck, H-A
Hanns-Andre Pitot
M.Eng. Environmental Pollution Control
presently in Seesen, Germany
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