USA may prohibit excreta reuse in agriculture - Comment by Nov 15th


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USA may prohibit excreta reuse in agriculture - Comment by Nov 15th

International sanitation researchers, practitioners and advocates: PLEASE HELP!

The Food Safety Modernization Act of the US Food and Drug Administration "proposed § 112.53 would prohibit the use of human waste for growing covered produce, except sewage sludge biosolids used in accordance with the requirements of 40 CFR Part 503, subpart D, or equivalent regulatory requirements.”

Please comment to the FDA online BY NOV 15th to allow treated human waste in food production. It's especially important that we encourage a distinction between source separated bodily waste and wastewater treatment facilities biosolids that also contain industrial and commercial waste.

Please go to this link, which also has clear guidelines for how to comment:
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Toilet availability is a human right and well-designed sanitation systems restore health to our cities, our waters and our soils.

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