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  • I am a retired organic farmer and interested in nutrient cycles. As an volunteer I now travel mainly to poor countries and together with locals I would like to find new ways of sustainable agriculture. This is beyond the regulations of IFOAM.
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Re: Promote VERMIFILTRATION Technology for WASTEWATER PURIFICATION by EARTHWORMS to produce clean water

Dear Ajit,

thanks for your reply and again I got lots of information I have to chew and questions rise up:

what do you mean when write:
"One needs to note that worms in vermi composting process need the bio- matter in semi cooked form and never can raw matter be fed to them".

I am not into vermicomposting but did quite a bit of composting of dung, veggie left overs and so on. It always worked well without any "precooking". But before the worms crawled into it, the compost heated up over 50 degree Celsius because we wanted it to kill the weed seeds. This we steered by mixing, airing and watering. Are we talking about the same process? Or are talking about a complete anaerobic process like (thermophil) biogasification?
And do these worms like the same range of temperature (10-30 degree C)?

If I come to India one day..... your plant would be a of high interest for me. But I still have to save money....

Beste wishes,
Heiner, the old farmer.....
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