Ideas of sustainable sanitation and sustainable agriculture as a package

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  • I am a retired organic farmer and interested in nutrient cycles. As an volunteer I now travel mainly to poor countries and together with locals I would like to find new ways of sustainable agriculture. This is beyond the regulations of IFOAM.
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Re: Promote VERMIFILTRATION Technology for WASTEWATER PURIFICATION by EARTHWORMS to produce clean water

Dear Ajit,

thanks for your reply and again I got lots of information I have to chew and questions rise up:

what do you mean when write:
"One needs to note that worms in vermi composting process need the bio- matter in semi cooked form and never can raw matter be fed to them".

I am not into vermicomposting but did quite a bit of composting of dung, veggie left overs and so on. It always worked well without any "precooking". But before the worms crawled into it, the compost heated up over 50 degree Celsius because we wanted it to kill the weed seeds. This we steered by mixing, airing and watering. Are we talking about the same process? Or are talking about a complete anaerobic process like (thermophil) biogasification?
And do these worms like the same range of temperature (10-30 degree C)?

If I come to India one day..... your plant would be a of high interest for me. But I still have to save money....

Beste wishes,

Heiner, the old farmer.....
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Re: Ideas of sustainable sanitation and sustainable agriculture as a package

Dear Heiner,

You wrote:

The wikipedia article about reuse of excreta is great and comprehensive. You worked on it? Should be spread to pupils as well as politicians, students, environmentalists, journalists a.s.o.

Thank you. Yes, I did a lot of work on it. Yes, it should be spread and the good thing is that Wikipedia is widely used by exactly those people that you mentioned. For any Wikipedia article you can see online how much it gets read. The one on "reuse of excreta" is rather specialised but it still gets around 65 views per day:

And yes, I have done heaps of Wikipedia editing and am always on a mission to try and recruit other SuSanA members as well. See here:

And you wrote:

Since I am not a scientist I won't be able to give substantial input to wikipedia. But obviously you do. So if you have any questions about agriculture just let me know and I will you help if I can.

Wrong! You don't need to be a scientist at all. You just need to be someone who wants to help others to find information about topics that you care about. Those things that you wrote in your post a few days ago about IFOAM: that kind of information can be included in the Wikipedia article about IFOAM if we think it's important for laypersons to know that. Anyone can edit any Wikipedia article but any new additions need to have a reference to go with it so that it can be verified by others who are watching the page and are doing quality assurance in the background. That's pretty much in a nutshell how Wikipedia works.

So what do you reckon? Do the Wikipedia articles on IFOAM and GAP require improvements? I think so. Do you have suggestions for content that should be added or things that ought to be deleted or written differently? Most likely you do. :-) You know much more about these things than I do! We can work together on this if you like. Perhaps other SuSanA members are keen to participate as well.
(by the way, sometimes the content in the German language Wikipedia is more advanced than the English language Wikipedia for some topics; in that case, we can take the German content, translate it and add it to the English Wikipedia page. Easy!).

Wikipedia is a wonderful tool to bridge the knowledge gaps between different sectors, using language and terms that everyone can understand.


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