BonaRes Program (Soil as a sustainable resource in Bioeconomy)


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BonaRes Program (Soil as a sustainable resource in Bioeconomy)

Dear all,
My name is Gabriela, researcher & consultant currently at the Technical University of Munich. I work in the fields of water quality, waste streams management, resource recovery and watershed management.

Last week took place in Munich the annual Conference of the German Soil Science Association (DBG). The website offers a good overview of conferences in Germany and abroad.

I would like to share information about the BonaRes Program - Boden als nachhaltige Ressource für die Bioökonomie (Soil as a sustainable resource in Bioeconomy), financed by the BMBF for 9 years. This program and Centre for Soil Research aims to produce and gather scientific data and information on soil functions, soil management, nutrient utilization and better farming strategies. It also aims to serve as platform for knowledge sharing and transfer. The Centre is relative new and may start including more information as the program advances.
The research themes are of global interest and results may contribute to the development of better practices and policies also at international level. I thought about the reuse of waste streams in agriculture (manure and wastewater) and soil quality. From discussions with the participants, it seems that these themes will get more interest in the soil research agenda in Germany. I think this is also because of the increasing interest in international research cooperations.

Best greetings

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