Drake’s Gift to DJ Khaled Will Make You Rethink Your Christmas Gifts


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  • I'm a sanitation student. My interest is in finding cost-effective faecal/urine treatment technologies preferably those that incorporate biosystems. Currently, my start-up idea is under consideration for funding. The idea is based on rearing black soldier fly for its larvae. The larvae are commercially used as animal feed.
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Drake’s Gift to DJ Khaled Will Make You Rethink Your Christmas Gifts

DJ Khaled has new toilet seats in his house which were gifted to him by hip-hop artist Drake. 
On Tuesday, DJ Khaled posted a video on his Instagram showing him excited about a new set of four TOTO toilet seats. The toilet bowls had exquisite, if not royal features. The toilet seats boast a UV light cleaning system, a water-splash bidet function, a night light with colourful LED lights, air deodorized, and heated seats for the cold weather among many other great specifications. 
Each toilet seat cost USD 500 million. “There is music involved!” added the Palestinian-American Deejay, a feature which could not miss being mentioned by the Grammy-winning star. In a show of living large as an entertainer, Khaled thanked Drake for gifting him the toilets which are also in Drake’s house. 
Christmas Comes Early to the Underserved?
The fast and living big part of the entertainment scene is always spot on in showing the disconnect between the haves and the have-nots, the goal and the players, and the demand and supply in sanitation.
Come to think of it, a $2 Bn sanitation gift functions on-grid and would need a sewer system (probably in need of renovations). This is also happening at a time when over 2 billion people in the global South live in unsanitary conditions.
An in-depth look into the world’s sanitation priorities is lacking and the divergent paths sanitation players have taken worldwide to keep the dream of universal access to sanitation off limits. 
Next time the “God Did” album-maker screams “We the Best” in his music, it should be when God has done it to the 8 billion people on Earth.

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