Funny Stories in Sanitation (compiled by Sheillah Simiyu, South Africa)


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Funny Stories in Sanitation (compiled by Sheillah Simiyu, South Africa)

Funny Stories in Sanitation

It is said that sanitation is a tedious and boring business. It is also a smelly business. Under hot weather, typically the weather prevailing in developing countries, construction of latrines and sewer lines is very uncomfortable.

Sheillah Simiyu is a SHARE-funded PhD researcher based at the School of Public Leadership at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She also lectured undergraduate courses in community and environmental health at Kenyatta University, Kenya. She is particularly interested in WASH in informal settlements and so, in 2013 she commenced a PhD investigating the socioeconomic dynamics and sanitation sustainability in the informal settlements of Kisumu, Kenya.

She has few funny sanitation-related stories. Read them and enjoy. They are available at:
(Courtesy: SHARE)

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