Introduction of a new SuSanA intern


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Introduction of a new SuSanA intern

Hello everyone, 

My name is Vincent Krieg and I just started as the new intern of the SuSanA Secretariat. 

I am currently studying at the Geography Master of Science at the University of Bonn with focus on water management and water availibilty. My BSc of Geography took place in Bonn as well, where I finished my Bachelor thesis about criteria and challenges of a sufficient water management based on the example of the strategy of the state Israel. Further insights during my masters programm regarding the impact of climate change and water availability, strategies to adapt and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals on a local scale  deepened my interest in this field. The WASH sector is a particular interest of mine since it combines the research of water availability and its usage with the aspect of governance and improvement of accessibility following the SDGs. 

I am excited to start working as an intern here and get a deeper insight into the work of SuSanA, but also getting in touch with people from this network. 

Kind regards and greetings from Bonn, 

Vincent Krieg 
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