Happy Independance day > Proposed new " Flush Independence Day " :-)


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Happy Independance day > Proposed new " Flush Independence Day " :-)

Today is the american independence day to commemorate the 1776 USA independence from Great Britain.

But Americans and mankind are still dependent on flushing toilets over 50 year after the first step on the moon.

This eco calamity from Elisabeth 1 st era ( 1595 ) has improved up-town life but seriously deteriorated our aquatic environments.

I suggest this date (or another date)  to be internationally renamed "Flush independence day" to modernize the fight of the new heroes.

No need to fight against other group or nations:  we shall all fight against the
waste of resources of Mother Earth.

> I suggest to start a worldwide "Flush Independence DAY" for all eco-awared humanity with concerts / demonstrations / parties / gathering.
in French "Journée de l'Indépendance à la Chasse d'Eau".

A large part of the population still thinks that flush toilet are inevitable or preferable. 

In reality, flush toilets are a sanitary nonsense, a waste of water and a dramatic pollution.

What do you think ?

Robert Cossette

Liberated 5 years ago :-)

On the front R&D line in Annecy all plants are happy !
It is quite Peecefull :-) Tomatoes grow over 1m a month with proper urine dosage.

We are now monitoring CO2 in the greenhouse. 
Robert Cossette


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