ORIAZ URINETTE : a new Unisex Urinal.


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Re: ORIAZ URINETTE : a new Unisex Urinal.

This is a great work. Such innovations will add on to the sanitation sector and can be later popularized depending on the situations/contexts.

Hariprasad V M
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Re: ORIAZ URINETTE : a new Unisex Urinal.

This is a nice product.
We've done this with bottles and a device at garden stores for a long time here in California, USA.
Children especially like it. Except a few.
Every year, we soak the perforated spikes in diluted vinegar to release the salt and mineral buildup that is in some of them.

Good luck!
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ORIAZ URINETTE : a new Unisex Urinal.

Hello everyone.

The new ORIAZ URINETTE is in pre-production.

The Oriaz Urinette connects to a 500 ml to 2 L bottle.

You can use it standing or in a seated position with a dry toilet.

This Unisex personal urinal is easy to clean in the sink,  in a washing machine or a dishwasher.

It is made of flexible material.  The Urinette can be sterilized in boiling water or alcohol.

I presented the first Urinettes in France during the last RAE meeting.

It is available for € 35 with a SYMBIO fertilization kit. 

The SYMBIO kit includes an ORIAZ Solar-Dripper, the Urinette, a self adhesive wall bracket, a measuring cup and a guide.

I am looking for NGOs or customers who want to buy  200+  to start the Urinette mass production in september.

This solution can be used in emergency situation or as a solution to collect fertilizing urine for the garden.

You contact order a SYMBIO kit at 35 € + transport or place a pre-order larger series of Urinettes at 5 € each.

I am looking for funding to carry out this project.

Organizations or donors  that can help me are welcome.

Best Regards

Robert Cossette
You can contact me in France (+ 33 6 76 94 27 97)

Robert Cossette

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