New Blog! How the UN got thirsty again after 46 years


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New Blog! How the UN got thirsty again after 46 years

The  UN 2023 Water Conference  took place in New York on 22-24 March, 46 years after the last UN water conference in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The 1977 conference led directly to the UN water decade of the 1980s with an avowed aim of achieving 'water for all'. Perhaps overly ambitious, given the ensuing global crises, decades later some two  billion people still live without safe drinking water and 3.6 billion lack safely managed sanitation. Added to which only 56% of domestic wastewater  is safely treated.

Lyla Mehta (Institute of Development Studies and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences) and Alan Nicol (IWMI) share their thoughts on the Water Alternatives website after attending the UN 2023 Water Conference.

Read the full blog here:
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