Join Us Dec 27-31 2020 for Flush Away 2020!


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Join Us Dec 27-31 2020 for Flush Away 2020!

Hello SuSanA forum friends!

I wanted to share with you the fun 5-day game planned by FLUSH , Loo Tours , and The POOP Project will be running on social media during the holidays. The purpose of the game is to have fun by enjoying some arts & crafts around toilets while celebrating the end of the year.

Submitting at least two times gives people free admission into one of our events. Also, people in the US are eligible to win a Grand Prize of a year's supply of Reel bamboo toilet paper!

Each day will have a theme with some directions that we'll share on Twitter and/or Instagram. Here are some hints about the 5 days of games:
  • Day 1: Toilet Paper Challenge (arts & crafts)
  • Day 2: Thank You (Sanitation Workers) Challenge (gratitude)
  • Day 3: Toilet/WC Upgrade Challenge (design)
  • Day 4: Bristol Bake-Off Challenge (baking)
  • Day 5: Final Flush Challenge (therapy)
We are judging submissions based on creativity and fun! We encourage people to think outside the box (so long as it’s tasteful).

We are hoping people join us, and we invite the water & sanitation world to join us, too!

More information is on this link: 

Also, feel free to reach out if you have questions about participation or anything.
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