Announcing the Sanitation Economy Summit - Nov 19-21 in Pune India with the Toilet Board Coalition

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Announcing the Sanitation Economy Summit - Nov 19-21 in Pune India with the Toilet Board Coalition

Join global business, investor and policy leaders who are building the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SANITATION ECONOMY

More than toilets and pipes, future sanitation systems are being re-valued for abundant resources and data that have been virtually untapped.

Water Security, Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, Digital Health - the Sanitation Economy has it all.

Scalable business solutions are available today, and have the potential to transform the economics of sanitation from unaffordable public costs to material business opportunities, lowering costs for society while improving the lives of billions (SDG6).

Is your business, your city, your government ready for the decade of the SANITATION ECONOMY?

who's joining?

Innovators, businesses, smart cities, governments, investment and Sanitation Economy leaders from around the world - showcasing solutions, sharing best practice and forging partnerships for scale.


MARKETPLACE Expo of Sanitation Economy business solutions, best practice & networking spaces

SMART SANITATION CITY SITE VISITS Pune Smart Sanitation City & Digital Health applications

CIRCULAR SANITATION SHOWCASE for Sustainable Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Re-usable Water

TOILETS RE-INVENTED for the Sanitation Economy - Toilets for All - Re-imagined and Re-Valued

SANITATION ECONOMY WORKSHOPS will focus on scaling up the Sanitation Economy 2020-2025

SANITATION ECONOMY LEADERS Keynotes from local & international Sanitation Economy leaders

PUNE LIVE Opening & Closing Ceremony Evenings of awards, entertainment and networking

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