6th International Dry Toilet Conference (Aug 2018) - presentations available online


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Re: 6th International Dry Toilet Conference (Aug 2018) - presentations available online

The oral presentations as well as the poster presentations of the 6th International Dry Toilet Conference are now also in the SuSanA library: https://www.susana.org/en/knowledge-hub/resources-and-publications/library/details/3577

We have only included the presenter's names and topics, to access and download the presentations and posters you will find the link on the bottom of the library entry.

(and it can also be found under the conference material )

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Re: 6th International Dry Toilet Conference (Aug 2018) - presentations available online

I am always happy when conference organisers upload their conference presentations to their website. I've just spotted that this is now the case for the Dry Toilet Conference that took place last year in August.
See the presentations here:

Happy browsing and learning!

(I'll also find out from the secretariat if they could be added to the SuSanA library so that they can also be found via keyword searches from there; another option is to add a link from the conference material page here )

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DT 2018 – 6th International Dry Toilet Conference

The Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland organizes an International Dry Toilet Conference every three years in Tampere, Finland. The next conference is the 6th and it takes place in Hiedanranta on August 22th to 24th 2018. The theme of the 6th DT conference will be Dry Toilet Goes Circular.

The conference is an excellent platform for all actors working with ecological sanitation to network and share their ideas and experiences on dry toilet technology, nutrient recycling and ecological sanitation.

You don't want to miss this event, so join us and register before the early bird discount ends on 31.5.2018!

See more information here: www.huussi.net/en/activities/dt-2018/
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